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I’m such a nice girl, I’m so sick of being fuckzoned!!!!!!!

What’s the fuckzone you ask? it’s this zone that guys put you in where they only want to fuck you; they don’t want to have a friendship with you and they aren’t satisfied with emotional commitment, they just want sex!!!!!

I’m a nice girl!!!! Stop putting me in the fuckzone!!!!!!!

This!! ^


Top 10 Things to Say When You Meet a White Person

All Native Americans have had those encounters — meeting a stranger of a different race who reacts to Indian-ness with a predictable comment about your racial makeup, or a common misconception about Indians, or a (probably false) story about his or her grandmother. It’s weird, it’s sometimes offensive, it’s sometimes oddly touching.

Realizing the incoming 1Ls will probably have to read Hobby Lobby for con law





  • enjoy the nonsense 
  • and dont fucking skip the dissent


They better not omit a single fucking word or piece of punctuation. Or I will rage in RBG’s honor.

Have fun baby 1Ls - Roberts Court, where they can use a dictionary to define a corporation as a person but don’t know how to use it to define abortion, pregnancy, abortifacient, insurance or the word free. Or even bother acknowledging insurance as a benefit-in-kind.






Become a member at This is just an example of the corruption that South Dakota DSS perpetuates. Learn more about the Mette Case at There are many stories like this, which is why we are assisting the Lakota tribes to create their own foster care system.

Free the Mette Children!

The South Dakota Dept. of Social Services placed 7 Lakota foster
children into foster care with a non-Native, known molester.

In what appears to be a common situation, the state of South Dakota placed 7 Lakota children into a foster family with a known molester, Richard Mette, and his enabling wife, Wendy Mette, from 2000 to 2013. The DSS knew of the accusations against Mr. Mette, but still placed Lakota foster children with him.

The state ignored MULTIPLE complaints of sexual and physical
abuse, and pleas for help from the children.

1. In 2001, the state ignored the foster boys’ complaints of molestation, and simply made the Mette adoptive parents sign a contract pledging to discontinue any illegal behavior.

2. In 2007, one of the girls told the police how she was sexually molested by Mr. Mette. She reported that Mrs. Mette knew about the molestations. Again, the DSS defended the Mette foster parents, and allowed the children to stay in the home.

3. Afterwards, Kelly, the older foster sister who had aged out of the Mette foster family, was getting reports from her younger siblings that the sexual and physical abuse was increasing and intensifying. She reported this to the South Dakota DSS, who ignored it and said they did not believe the children.

Yankton Doctor sees bruises and reports abuse. In October 2010, the only boy among the Mette foster siblings at that time went to see a doctor at the Human Services Center in Yankton, S.D. The child, covered with bruises, disclosed abuse occurring in his adoptive home. He also detailed how Richard Mette, the adoptive father, was molesting the girls. The doctor contacted the authorities at once.

Brandon Taliaferro, the Assistant State’s Attorney responsible for criminal child abuse cases in Brown County, immediately began an investigation.

The police search the Mette house and find more evidence of sexual abuse, including enough pornography to “pack a store”, including “family incest” porn.

The children revealed they had been subjected to physical abuse, sexual molestation and threats of being beaten if they did not comply with the molestation or if they told anyone. In addition, the children explained that they were often given a choice between “b***jobs or beatings”.

The children say they were forced to watch incest porn with Mr. Mette. The children were told that the porn, with titles like “Family Heat”, is how families are supposed to act.

The disgusted police charged Mr. Mette with 23 counts of child rape and incest, and Mrs. Mette with 11 counts of physical abuse and enabling.

The State prosecutor, however, first attempted to drop all charges, and charged sexual predator Mr. Mette with only one count of “spanking”.

When the State was not allowed to do this, they decided to charge Mr. Mette with only one count of rape of a child under 10. The other 22 charges of aggravated child rape and incest were

The State then dropped all charges against Mrs. Mette, who the children said knew about and enabled the abuse.

Children are now back with Mrs. Mette, where they can’t sue the State DSS. As the state’s DCI agent explained, South Dakota fears that they will face an expensive lawsuit by the seven Lakota foster children whose complaints of sexual abuse were ignored by the state
for 10 years. Since they are now minors in the custody of Wendy Mette, the person who enabled the abuse, they cannot sue the state without her permission and support.

What can we do?

Please call Tony West, the Associate Attorney General of the United States, and let him know that the federal Department of Justice needs to Free the Mette Children immediately!
(202) 514-9500

Learn more:


This is fucking ATROCIOUS. What the everloving fuck????

White supremacy..


Summer fb messages

Well my best guy friend just told me via fb that he doesn’t want us to txt anymore because he cant handel the emotional roulette he plays when his close friends dont respond at all, respond a day late, generally being flakey, or actually respond right away (a norman conversation).

I dont know where to begin. Of course I cried. I mean come on, one of my closest friends says he dosent want to txt me. But the bigger reason I was upset was due to his lack of communication.

Tell me its getting bad. Fuck, we’ve only txted a few times this summer and I have told him repeatedly. I. Am. A. Terrible. Txter! I gave forwarning that it has noting to do with the person texting me. I just get busy with other things. (You can tell I am in the anger stage of grief.)

The thing I am worried about is why he couldn’t have just told me. “Hey, your doing that thing that I really dont like. Could you knock it off. I’m your friend. Shape up.”

Lord forbid call or set up a skype time instead of texting.

I know I am at some fault here. He has told me he hates when ppl dont txt him back and I should taken that into stronger account. But hell man. Tell me that you are annoyed or hurt rather than just cutting the lines of communication. Because that leads to us having not gosh damn communication at all. Which usually turns into a friendship ending.

Having an ex friend a few years ago cut me out if his life with no warning, only to have him apologies 4 years later makes me paranoid of this situation.

Luckily I had missed a call from 2 other best friends 2 days earlier. I called the friends back soon as I saw the missed call. (Because ppl call for emergencies). But they both left me voicemails. They were hanging out with you each other and wanted to say hi. So after feeling really shitty for being stonewalled by a friend. I finally listened to the two voicemails and felt much better. Becuae I knew I had friends who loved me enough to chase me down and tell me “change the thing! You are our fiend. Its worth saving this friendship and im not leaving till you get your act together.”

Friends stick around. Friends talk. Friends tell you when your being an ass so you can be a better friend. Maybe I was a little hard of hearing but yell next time or say that your not just annoyed by txt. Say that you actually get hurt emotionally from this as well.

Just say something. Because I’m not giving up on you.

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